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Model: hw0bwbm0
Eleaf newly added a new member to EC series atomizer heads named ECL 0.18ohm Head. The last letter “L” implies Larger e-juice inlet slots, which allows a large amount of vapor production with nice flavor. Consisted of dual SS316 coils, this atomizer head is capable of working under high wattages..
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Model: zr569dtr
Those replacement coil heads are custom designed for Eleaf GS Air 2 Atomizer. But it can also work on GS Air Atomizer & GS Tank Atomizer ,Trim Kit. The wire is Kanthal and the wicking material is pure cotton. 0.75ohm is resistance.Working wattage range: 8-25W.Following Eleaf atomizers are compatible..
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Model: fizq17n5
Eleaf EC-S 0.6ohm Head is specially designed for Eleaf Melo 5 Tank Atomizer.Brand: Eleaf Unit: 5pcs/packResistance: 0.6ohmPackage: Simple PackingShipping method:Please check here for details.Save Money Instructions: 1.Get discount coupon codes before completing the order. 2.Save shipping fee, learn ..
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Model: taobdohc
Those coils were custom designed for Eleaf iKuun i200 & i80 & Melo 4 TankCompatible with following Eleaf products:A. Melo 3 AtomizerB. Melo 3 Mini AtomizerC. iStick Pico KitD. iJust 2 AtomizerE. Melo 2 AtomizerF. Melo AtomizerG. Atalantis MegaH. Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm TankI. Atlantis Sub Ohm TankJ. Pico..
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Model: trj479du
Eleaf EF Coil is designed for Eleaf Pesso Tank. There are two types for you: EF 0.3ohm power ratings range from 30-60W and EF-M 0.6ohm power ratings range from 18-35W, to adapt to different vaping needs. Just get it as spare parts for your Eleaf Pesso Tank.Brand: EleafUnit: 3pcs/packCoil Type: EF-M ..
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Model: l4s0e67x
Eleaf engineered new GT series coils. The GT atomizer heads feature a brand-new design which is thread-free and allows easy installing. Just insert! The GT M 0.6ohm head is constructed using the mesh of Kanthal, which is more suitable for high level output. The GT 1.2ohm head is constructed using 1...
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Model: 8k0b47av
HW1 Single-Cylinder 0.2ohmEleaf engineered new HW series coils. Consisted of SS316L coil, the HW1 Single-Cylinder 0.2ohm Head is capable of working under high wattages and compatible with various vaping modes, providing you with a large amount of vapor production.Wattage Range: 40-80WHW2 Dual-Cylind..
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Model: q972o3yd
HW-T 0.2ohm Head (Kathal 40w-90w)Inspired by turbine engine, Eleaf first introduced a turbine system in the HW-T 0.2ohm coil. The small propeller within the HW-T 0.2ohm coil creates turbulence and swirl within the airflow. The vapor is more consistently distributed, which in turn delivers a better f..
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